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Production Stills

Productions Stills:


Stone Films shooting Lars Ulrich for the upcoming Alago film.











Interviewing Johnny Rotten for the upcoming Alago Film.










Drew Stone and Doyle

Drew Stone and Doyle











Shooting w_ Jimmy McCalmont

Shooting w_ Jimmy McCalmont










Stone Bros. shooting Brand New Sin My World music video

Stone Bros. shooting “Brand New Sin – My World” music video










Shooting Armand / Sick Of It All / Rest In Pieces for The New York Hardcore Chronicles films










Shelter In The Van Again

Shelter In The Van Again











Onyx Slam in Compton CA.

With Biohazard on location.













Biohazard Punishment

Biohazard “Punishment” Video Shoot









Eric B & Rakim Follow The Leader

Shooting Eric B & Rakim “Follow The Leader”













Brutal Truth Godplayer

Producing “Godplayer” Music Video with Director Bill Ward











Bionix Slam

Biohazard & Onyx for “Slam” (Bionix Version)


Madball Pride

Shooting Madball “Pride” Music Video









Fury Of Five Do Or Die

With Fury Of Five at the Dynamo Festival 1997












Fat Boys Wipeout

Goofing with the Human Beat Box on the set of the Fat Boys video “Wipeout”.














Onyx Slam

The set of Onyx Slam”










Onyx Slam #2

On the set of Onyx “Slam”










8-off Ghetto Girl music Video

Shooting 8-off The Assassin “Ghetto Girl”.










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