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Director / Producer

Agnostic Front – “Gotta Gotta Go”
Sick Of It All “Road Less Traveled”  (Article)
Madball – “Pride”
Madball – “Down By Law”
Vanilla Ice – “The Wrath”
Merauder – “Master Killer”
Sub Zero – “Higher Power”
Fury Of Five – “Do Or Die”
Shelter  – “In The Van Again”
The Mob – “Going Back to Queens”
D.Y.S. – “Sound Of Our Town”
Rykers – “Cold, Lost, Sick”
Stuck Mojo – “Not Promised Tomorrow”
Channel Zero – “Sucking Me Dry For My Energy”
Nastasee (Dog Eat Dog) – “Music For The People”
Garth “Culti”  Vader – “Roll Up, Blaze Up”
Garth “Culti” Vader – “Coulda Shoulda Woulda”
D-One – “My Last Ride” (Theme from Urban Street-Bike Warriors Three)
Brand New Sin – “My World”
Vertex feat. Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) & Al Petrelli (Megadeth) – “One Like A Son”
Vasaria – “Abduction”
Propellerheads – “Bang On”
Antidote – “Return To Burn”
Antidote – “Another Day”
Antidote – “Deadly Rain”
Solus Rex – Rise Above
Triple X – “It Don’t Come Easy”
Nucleus – “Boulder Breath”

Producer –

Run-DMC – “Ohh Whatcha Gonna Do”?
Supercat feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & P. Diddy – “Dolly My Baby”
Onyx – “Slam”
Onyx – “Shiftee”
Onyx / Biohazard – “Slam” (Bionix Version)
Type-O-Negative – “Black #1”
Kings X – “Dogman”
Biohazard – “Punishment”
Biohazard – “Shades Of Grey”
Biohazard – “After Forever” (From the Black Sabbath Tribute “Nativity In Black”)
Biohazard – “Tales From the Hardside”
Sepultura – “Third World Chaos” (Long form video)
Machine Head – “Old”
Nuclear Assault – “Trail Of Tears”
Brutal Truth –  “Godplayer”
Monster Voodoo Machine – “Bastard Is…”
Insane Clown Posse “Chickin Huntin”
Da Youngstas feat. Fat Joe – “Wildchild”
Proper Dos – “Tales From The West side”
Flatliners – “Live Evil”
Flatliners – “Satanic Verses”
Fatal – “Timber”
Da Bush Babies- “We Run things”
8-Off The Assassin – “Ghetto Girl”

Other videos of note;

Eric B & Rakim – “Follow The Leader” (2nd Assistant Director)
Eric B & Rakim – “Microphone Fiend” (2nd Assistant Director)
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Parents Don’t Understand” (Stage Manager)
Danzig “Mother” (Stage Manager)
Suicidal Tendencies – “Lights Camera Revolution” (Stage Manager)
Salt & Pepper  – “Shoop Shoop” (Stage Manager)
Cindi Lauper – “She Bop” (Stage Manager)
Samantha Fox – “I Wanna Have Some Fun” (Production Assistant)
Don Johnson “Heartbeat” (Production Assistant)
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